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How To: Cook A Whole Chicken In The Crock Pot

I love scrolling through Pinterest and seeing the levels of creativity that folks have employed to put their crock pots to use for more than just soups. I decided to try out a roast chicken overnight, not too sure what the results would be like. I had the idea that the chicken would be very soft unlike the nice crisp skin you get from the deli chickens. To my surprise the skin was perfectly crisp and this is one of the easiest methods I have tried thus far for roasting a whole chicken.

Crock Pot Whole Roasted Chicken

  • Whole chicken, neck and giblets removed
  • 6 tbsp butter
  • 2-3 tbsp lemon pepper seasoning
  • 1 tsp salt, optional

I began by balling up foil and placing it in the bottom of the crock pot to act as a roasting pan of sorts for the whole chicken.

I then removed the neck and giblets from the chest cavity and rubbed the chicken down with some butter, making sure to put butter inside the chicken and under the skin. Then I seasoned it well with some lemon pepper and salt.

I set the timer for 8 hours and cooked it on low overnight. My crock pot has a timer and will automatically switch to “Keep Warm” after the allotted time so I didn’t have to worry about it as much. This crock pot is very similar.


The skin was crisp and delicious and the chicken was moist and very flavorful. I couldn’t stop eating it as I was shredding the meat!

I portioned the meat into 8 oz and froze what I didn’t want to use yet, using my Food Saver to ensure that my chicken stayed fresh and that all the air had been removed from the bag.

I recommend you give this method a try if you have not settled on a roasting technique yet. Enjoy!

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