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Totally Nailed It: Favorite Nail Polishes!

I’ve always had a healthy (or unhealthy?) obsession with nail polishes. When I was a teenager I used to do my nails several nights a week for the longest time! Talk about that social life, eh? Oh the problems of a home-schooled-lives-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-introverted-kid. I am still in love with painting my nails, though I don’t quite get to do it every night nowadays. My kids solved that little issue for me! Through the years I’ve accumulated a lot of different colors and I’d like to share my favorite nail polishes with you to date.

L to R: Zoya Aggie, Sally Hansen Shoot the Moon, Sally Hansen Gilty Party, Sally Hansen Wedding Glitters, Essie Penny Talk, POP Beauty Mint Magic, LVX Serene

These are the polishes I always gravitate towards when I get a chance to do my nails and, trust me, those chances don’t come easily with my little ones! Nothing will ruin that perfect manicure faster than having to get juice for a crying 2 year old who wants to be held at the same time. I usually just have to sacrifice an hour or two of sleep and do them at night after the kids go to bed. I always grab these colors for a quick manicure if I’m not doing any nail art.


Serene and Mint Magic are both matte colors while Penny Talk, Wedding Glitters, Gilty Party, Shoot the Moon, and Aggie are shimmers. As a rule of thumb go for shimmer/glitter colors if you want a polish that doesn’t chip very quickly. The shimmer/glitter in the formulas makes them hold up a lot better in my experience.

I love each of the formulas, though I’m certainly not very picky when it comes to nail polishes. If it’s cheap and I like the color I’m sold. I’ve never minded chipping because I do my nails so often anyway, plus I can’t stick to one color too long or I get bored. Pretty much the same way with my hair. I’ve had many people tell me they never know what color my hair is going to be next time they see me!

I hope you’ve found a few new favorite polishes of your own! What are some of your favorite nail polishes?

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