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A Day in the Life: Stay at Home Mom

7:15 am – Izzy is asleep next to me (when did she get here?!) and Lailah is saying “Momma, Momma!” over and over in their room. I get Lailah and bring her in to our room and let her watch Netflix while I lay there a bit longer.

7:30 am – The girls are fighting over who gets to hold the phone.

7:33 am – The scuffle is over and they are quietly watching the phone together. Success.

8:00 am – We’re all up now and the girls have a juice each and are watching Paw Patrol. So far so good.

8:20 a.m. – Kids just saw a commercial with ice cream and sprinkles. They are now begging for ice cream and sprinkles. I said no.

8:21 am – Lailah (2 yr old) is now shrieking because I won’t let them have ice cream and sprinkles for breakfast.
8:22 am – Izzy (4 yr old) wants Goldfish. A slightly more reasonable request that I decide to fulfill.

8:24 am – Lailah finally stopped crying about ice cream and is eating goldfish. Izzy is now pouting because she wanted her own bowl so she didn’t have to share the goldfish.
8:32 am – Izzy wants goldfish. I pointed out the bowl they already have. Have been informed that it’s the “wrong” bowl. Told her to eat out of that bowl or she gets no goldfish at all. Threw herself on couch, but finally decided to eat some goldfish. Lailah complained about Izzy eating “her” goldfish. Informed Lailah they are sharing that bowl. Crisis averted.

8:42 am – I hear Lailah screaming randomly while I’m sorting laundry. Doesn’t sound urgent enough for immediate intervention.

8:45 am – Lailah is screaming while holding the bowl of goldfish and not sharing with Izzy. I told her she has to share. She started crying. I told her to put the bowl on the couch so they could both eat it. She throws the bowl on the ground sobbing and runs and throws herself on the couch. Izzy thinks Lailah needs a nap because of all the crying.
8:47 am – Lailah finally comes over to help me pick up goldfish like I’d been asking her to. I set the bowl on the couch.

8:56 am – All is calm.

9:11 am – Izzy asked if their oatmeal was ready…Forgot I had told her I would make them oatmeal

9:35 am – Just walked in to Lailah showing a Izzy a booger and then proceeding to eat it…why?!

9:42 am – Put on a smidgen of makeup and just remembered the oatmeal in the microwave. Fixed up oatmeal and now girls are sitting and eating their breakfast. Izzy told me, “Momma, you make the best oatmeal!” *heart swelling*

9:46 am – Lailah says she’s all done. Bowl is still full…

9:47 am – Lailah just ate one bite. Says she’s all done…

9:48 am – Izzy woofed her oatmeal down and put her bowl in the sink. Little sweetheart!

9:52 am – Coaxed a few more bites into Lailah and let her get down.

9:59 am – Lailah is crying because I won’t let her hold the Wii game discs.

10:01 am – Lailah is crying for ice cream and sprinkles.

10:02 am – Izzy and I are going to play Mario Party on the Wii.

10:10 am – Phone call on vacation planning.

10:30 am – Izzy and I are still playing Mario Party. Lailah is curled up in the chair with me and just cupped my face in her hands and said quietly, “Look at me! Slow down!”

11:14 am – We finished playing Mario Party. I reigned victorious. Izzy hugged and high fived me.

11:46 am – Phone call on vacation planning.

12:15 pm – Having lunch now. So far it’s been peaceful.

12:18 pm – Izzy is trying to correct Lailah from saying “Lion God” to “Lion Guard”. Lailah doesn’t appreciate it.

12:19 pm – Back to calm.

12:27 pm – Lailah just knocked her plate off while attempting to smash her hot dog with her cup.

12:34 pm – Phone call on vacation planning.

12:41 pm – Lailah refused to eat, so it’s nap time now.

12:45 pm – Izzy is done eating and now playing ABC Mouse.

12:50 pm – I begin to work on an upholstery project.

1:12 pm – I turn on my industrial fan because I’m hot. Izzy loves that fan and proceeds to turn it all the way up nearly blowing my face off. Turn fan down, and tell her to stop.

1:16 pm- Izzy: “Momma I’m going to turn the fan to 3!”

Me: “No baby, Momma wants it to be at 1.”

Izzy turns it to 3. I berate her until she turns it down.

1:22 pm – Izzy turns fan back to 3. *hitting head on desk*

1:28 pm – Izzy turns fan back to 3.

1:52 pm – Cutting fabric for upholstery project. Izzy needs rectangular crackers.

1:53 pm – I grabbed the square crackers. A shameful oversight Izzy quickly corrected.

1:54 pm – Izzy is content with her crackers, and I go back to work.

1:59 pm – Izzy needs juice.

2:02 pm – Back to work.

2:12 pm – Izzy decides the best place to run an obstacle course is through the fabric I have on the floor while I’m trying to cut it.

2:14 pm – Successfully diverted her to Netflix. Back to work.

3:40 pm – Lailah is up from her nap. Let the chaos begin. Still working on upholstery project.

3:45 pm – Lailah needs goldfish.

3:55 pm – Forgot I was going to make a dessert before Tyler gets home.

3:56 pm – Begin dessert preparations.

3:59 pm – Got a message from a friend wanting to visit.

4:00 pm – Still quiet. What’s going on?

4:20 pm – Visiting with a friend and getting to relax a bit while the kiddos entertain themselves. Still going good. Tyler is now home. Yay, reinforcements!

4: 32 pm – Lailah is licking a toy spatula. For some reason I tell her not to. She licks it again. Now I have to hold my ground because I was stupid enough to tell her no and I can’t let her get away with it now.

4:33 pm – “Stop licking it, baby.” Proceeds to lick the spatula and runs away.

4:35 pm – Lailah: “Hi, Momma!” Waving at me big while she licks the spatula again. Spatula is now confiscated.

4:36 pm – Wailing on the floor begging for the spatula.

4:40 pm – Me: “You may have the spatula sweetie but you can’t lick it.” Takes spatula and immediately licks it.

4:41 pm – Spatula is now permanently confiscated. Lailah is crying on the floor.

5:36 pm – Assemble dessert.

5:45 pm – Put dessert in the oven.

6:00 pm – Begin working on upholstery project.

6:55 pm – Stop project to get dinner ready.

7:02 pm – Dinner time.

7:03 pm – Kids are not impressed with the spread. Refusing to eat.

7:07 pm – Kids still trying to resist eating at all costs.

7:09 pm – Begin coaxing them strongly to eat.

7:11 pm – Begin threatening them to eat.

7:15 pm – Izzy whilst holding a bottle of sunscreen, “What is this screen for?”

Me: “It’s to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UVA/UVB rays.”

Izzy: “And it keeps your skin from being burnt!”

Me: “….Yes it does that too.”

7:17 pm – Cut up carrots to make them more appealing. Lailah tries to feed them to Tyler the whole time.

7:36 pm – Give up on dinner.

7:39 pm – Go outside to play.

7:42 pm – Kids run around playing with scooters and cars while periodically torturing the neighbors cats (aka picking them up 2 year old style: butt up and head down)

8: 37 pm – Bath time

8:48 pm – Lailah is shrieking because I’m washing her hair.

8:59 pm – Kids out of tub and begin to redress them.

9:02 pm – Lailah does not want a diaper.

9:06 pm – Reading a story now.

9:12 pm – Singing a silly song the girls always giggle at.

9:17 pm – Izzy asking me accusingly why I haven’t gone to the store to get milk yet.

9:22 pm – Izzy: “Thank you for being such a good momma.” Entire day made!


This is just a catalog I kept of our days events. I hope you enjoyed and found this as entertaining as I did! Have a great day!