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Adorable Baby Unicorn Pattern

For Christmas last year I wanted to make my oldest daughter, Izzy, something cute for her present. I began scrolling through my crochet pattern Pinterest board, which I am constantly adding new things to, and I stumbled across this little guy. It was a match made in heaven and I began working on him immediately. Izzy was beyond thrilled when she opened her gift! She loves him so much and has to sleep with him every night. Now get this, she named him Peachel…what? Is that a word? I love it though, because it is so uniquely her. She is always coming up with these off the wall names that crack Tyler and I up so much!

I didn’t have any problems with this pattern. It ended up turning out just as pictured. You can find the pattern at Little Yarn Friends here. Do take the time to scroll through the comments to see folks different renditions of the unicorn. They are all so adorable! I love seeing how everyone’s creativity manifests itself in so many interesting and unique ways. I hope you give this pattern a shot! It’s a wonderful one! Check out my Pinterest board if you want to be inundated with adorable crochet animal patterns. Have a good hump day!

Crocheted Boot Cuffs


I always try to be sneaky around the holidays and listen to my friends when they casually mention things they like/want and I was uber proud of myself when one of my girlfriends mentioned how much she likes boot cuffs. So, the search was on! I scoured Pinterest looking for cute and, most importantly, free boot cuff patterns and I finally found this tutorial over at Elk Studio and they turned out fabulously! It was a great and relatively easy pattern. I made some with a different yarn, which I forgot to get a photo of, that actually made it to her in time for Christmas. I had her pick out what color yarn she wanted this time and finally sat down this week to make up the next pair. I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn for these, which was a little chunkier of a yarn than what was used in the original pattern. I still used an H hook and it seemed to work out just fine. Hope you enjoy and all of you crocheters out there should check out the Elk Studio site. She has some really adorable and free patterns. Y’all have an awesome Friday and I hope you enjoy your weekend 🙂