Dupe Alert For LVX Nail Polish Serene


I don’t know about you but I am just such a fan of dupes! There is something so supremely satisfying about finding a product that is the same color or formula (or both) and at a significantly lower price!

DSC06515 (1)


Recently I ran to my local Dollar General to pick something up and, out of curiosity, I strolled over to the beauty section. A nail polish immediately caught my eye and made me think of one of my absolute favorite polishes: Serene by LVX, which I mentioned in my post on my favorite nail polishes. The nail polish itself is Wet n Wild Megalast in Skipping Stones.

I snatched it up lickity-split (on sale by the way so even more of a score) and rushed home hoping I had found a dupe! Nothing gets your heart going like discovering a dupe. Or is that just me?


I originally got the LVX polish in one of my Boxycharm boxes and when I first saw the color I was actually underwhelmed. I’m very flashy with my nail polishes and love for them to be bright and glitzy, but when I applied this polish I just about fell out of my chair. It is such a gorgeous lavender/blue and I don’t have any other colors quite like it!

Luckily I was needing to paint my nails anyway because it was a disaster zone. Seriously just a wreck. Here’s how my manicure process usually goes: It takes me a week to come to the conclusion that I really shouldn’t be in public with nails that chipped and wrecked looking. Then I spend the next week or two telling myself everyday that I’ll do my nails, then procrastinate because I’m tired after the girls go to bed, and all the while my nails just get worse and worse. Finally, I just about can’t stand it anymore and I’ll stay up until midnight after the kids go to bed to do my nails and wake up cranky, but hey at least my nails look good again! …For the next four days. I should really pencil myself in a little more.


I painted my ring finger with the LVX polish ($18) and my middle finger with the Wet n Wild polish ($2). They both needed two coats to reach their full color payoff. Both colors are very rich and opaque and have about the same shine intensity.

I can’t say with certainty that the formula is exact, but I am impressed with the Wet n Wild Megalast formula. It went on well and so far the wear has been great.


The color is just almost identical! If you’re being nit picky, and I am the queen of being nit picky unfortunately, Skipping Stones is just a kiss more blue than Serene, but if you want the look for less (and I always want the look for less) then the slight difference wasn’t too big of a deal for me! $16 is a huge savings!


LVX is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand whereas Wet n Wild is 100% cruelty-free and working on becoming vegan friendly. I couldn’t find any info on this new nail polish, but the Wet n Wild FAQ section states that the Megalast colors (201B-218) are vegan. I’m not sure when the list was last updated so either Skipping Stones (297B) is not yet on the list or it is not vegan.

So, do you guys think I found a dupe? 

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