Our $2000 Kitchen Renovation

Our $2000

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but if you’re new to my blog (Welcome!) my husband and I purchased our little fixer upper home last August and renovated it from top to bottom. We poured our hearts and souls (and savings account) into the work and we have created our own cozy little home sweet home.

Today I wanted to share with you our kitchen renovation before and after pictures as well as the cost of the materials needed for the reno. For me, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home so I was so excited to create the kitchen of my dreams! We were on a tight budget so that “dream kitchen”, you know, the one that evokes Pinterest-worthy million dollar kitchen pictures, really came down to making it look like a million dollar space on a shoe-string budget. Unfortunately I’ve got a case of champagne taste on a beer budget, but my husband and I worked diligently together to find what we needed and, most importantly, to try and find it at a killer discount! I’ll share with you some of my budget savvy tips on how we renovated our kitchen for just $2000.

Before and After Shots

This is what we started with. It was a pretty typical early 1980’s kitchen, and no your eyes are not deceiving you, that is carpet…in the kitchen…

Here’s the view from the kitchen to the other side. The moment I saw that alcove on our house tour I envisioned a built-in bench with a tile accent wall which would incorporate an odd looking space into something functional and eye catching at the same time.

Here are the results:









I am so in love with our kitchen! It took a lot of hard work, a lot of arguments over what to buy and things we had to return to stick to our budget, but all of it is truly worth it when I stand in here and look around and know that we did it!

Price Breakdown

  • Paint: $145.00 (estimated as we bought white and grey paint in bulk 5 gallon containers)
  • Counter tops: $479.00
  • Vent Hood: $175.00
  • Backsplash Tile: $257.69
  • Eating Nook Tile: $74.82
  • Flooring: $430.92
  • Hardware: $79.70
  • Faucet: $98.00
  • Lighting: $171.91

Total: $1912.04

The total is probably closer to $2000 with the odds and ends you constantly have to go purchase, like painting tools, plumbers putty, lightbulbs, etc., etc. You know, all the random crap you didn’t know to budget for!

Our biggest savings scores were found at Surplus Warehouse, and I cannot recommend shopping there enough if you are going through a renovation or need anything household related. They hands down beat Lowe’s and Home Depot on just about every product they have. We got our counter tops at a deep discount because they were returned items that were still in pristine condition. The $479.00 includes (3) 12′ sections, one 8′ bar top, and the end caps to finish off the look. (Part of the counters were used in the guest bathroom, so there’s some additional savings right there!)

I also got my vent hood, which took a little convincing* on my husbands part, at Surplus Warehouse at a hefty discount! Comparable models at Lowe’s and Home Depot run around $400-$450…Oh heck no!

*Ok, confession time, I just bought it because we kept arguing about it and couldn’t come to a consensus, but I just knew that it would be a beautiful focal point in the kitchen…Whew. I’m glad that’s off my chest. He truly did love it after we got it installed and said he was glad I purchased it, because it truly does open up that space. I just hated those dinky little cabinets above the stove that served hardly any purpose!

Here are links to all the products that were used in our renovation:

Keep reading on for some in-progress photos and some more tips on how I saved money on our project. I had so much fun looking through these photos! It’s amazing to look at the after photos and know that we did 100% of the work ourselves!

Here’s my father-in-law who was basically our spray paint gun guru for the entirety of the renovation. He sprayed all the trim in the house, which took 2-3 coats.

I got in on the spray action a bit painting the wood paneling. We didn’t have to worry too much about making a mess painting because we were painting the cabinets and replacing the flooring anyway. That really sped up our prep time, which is just about the worst part of any painting project.

I don’t know how many times I caught my mom cleaning off the counters when we were just going to rip them off anyways!

Here Tyler and Noel (his dad), were making way for the brand new range hood by ripping out the tiny useless cabinets up there.

My mom and I took turns between sanding the old hardware to prep it for a fresh coat of spray paint and spray painting the kitchen cabinets, which took about 4 coats to get a good even color.

Instead of buying new cabinet hardware, we sanded and spray painted the pieces to make them look like new. It only cost us in elbow grease and a little spray paint. Purchasing this new would have run around $290.00, not including screws!

We even spray painted the screws because my mom and I are so Type A that we couldn’t stand for the screws to be brassy gold. We finally figured out you could push each screw into the cardboard to hold it upright so we could spray paint it easier.

Another way we saved money throughout the house was saving the fans that were still in good working order and updated them. I disassembled the fan for the dining area and spray painted the blades, front and back. Then, I sanded the metal parts of the fan and spray painted them with Rustoleum Satin Nickel spray paint.

I replaced the outdated globes with some more modern square shaped ones. All of this really updated the look of the fan and saved us around $100 per fan!

After the cabinets were painted we finally got to get rid of that awful carpet.

Laying down the water barrier in preparation for the laminate flooring.

Dad was teaching me the ropes on installing laminate flooring.


I decided to paint the interior of the upper cabinets in this blue I had leftover from painting the bathrooms. I thought it added a pretty pop of color and personality! Doesn’t the kitchen already look so much brighter?

Here’s our resident spray painter back in action on the cabinet doors. They were a real chore!

Lighting is installed now as well as cabinet doors and some of the hardware.

I think this was one of the most exciting parts for me! Removing the old counters to get ready for the new! I really wanted to get granite counters but it was just not nearly in our budget. I estimated the more inexpensive granite counters to be around $1500-$2000 for our kitchen. Yikes!

I was disappointed for awhile as I had always pictured granite counters in my dream kitchen, but it actually worked out for the better. It didn’t make sense from a realty point of view to put in granite counters in our neighborhood. We bought our home in a startup neighborhood, so we would have priced ourselves out of the average cost of the homes in our area once we get ready to sell.

The counter was already at a 45° mitered angle, so that was one less cut we had to make. We laid the counter on to get a good measurement.

Then Noel and Tyler cut it down to length using a Skilsaw.

After applying a layer of adhesive it was time to install the counters!

Tyler is using the jigsaw to do the sink cutout now.




Remember that island in the middle of the kitchen before? We decided that having an island was too cumbersome for a kitchen that size, so we screwed some plywood to the bottom, added casters, and made it a bar!

This is the eating nook bench in progress. Tyler had to do the wiring for the sconces, because there was none there before. All my time of making fun of him for doing arduino projects bit me in the butt! It’s awesome that he knows the basics of electrical wiring!

Tyler came up with the design on this bench on his own. I was just the catalyst for the basic idea.


We installed piano hinges so that there was additional storage under the bench. Almost all the supplies used for the bench were salvaged from debris around the house.

It’s really getting there now. We used beadboard for the back of the bench.

Installing the backsplash.

Almost finished up on the backsplash. This is my old stove pictured above. Unfortunately, a gas stove was just not in the budget at this point. I was heartbroken because one of the big reasons we chose this place was that it already had gas hook ups. My parents ended up surprising me with my dream stove!


A five burner gas top stove with a griddle!


I hope you enjoyed walking through my kitchen renovation journey along with me and I hope you got some useful tips too! We had an absolute blast renovating our home. Don’t get me wrong, it was grueling with many long nights, short tempers, and a huge financial obligation but it was all completely worth it. I would do it again in a heart beat! Have a great weekend y’all!

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      Haha! Well thank you very much! It was scary for us too, but we just took the plunge and figured it out along the way. We relied a lot on the expertise of our dad’s and quite a few Youtube tutorials!

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