Organizational Hack: Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer Reimagined

I love finding multipurpose items that can fulfill a plethora of household duties. The common over-the-door shoe organizer is one such multipurpose wonder!

Please pardon my unfinished door frame painting job that you might have never noticed had I not felt compelled to point it out in my shame and embarrassment. I’ll finish it one day. (That’s what I keep telling myself) The shoe organizer is great for storing pretty much all of my household cleaners. I keep it in the laundry room where the littles don’t go as much and it is so much nicer to be able to grab and easily see what I need without having to dig around under the kitchen sink constantly.

It’s also great for storing wrapping paper! Here’s a little factual nugget for you: I’m a bit of a wrapping paper junkie. I don’t have much here because I used most of it for Christmas last year. Fortunately/Unfortunately (depending on who you’re asking) I will need to buy more for Christmas this year! Fortunately for me and unfortunately for my husband when I am trying to talk myself into buying 10 rolls for no apparent reason. I have no siblings and Tyler has one brother. I really can’t justify the amount of wrapping paper I usually purchase every year….But I need it. How’s that for twisted logic?!

I found so many other cool uses on Pinterest for the common shoe organizer. The sheer creativity of some people astounds me! I love to scroll on Pinterest and see what each person’s mind came up with for the exact same product. Type in “over the door shoe organizer” and you’ll find a whole score of cool ideas! My favorites were the stuffed animal storage, this pocket garden,  and storing office supplies.

I hope you find a fun and creative way to use a shoe organizer in your household. Have a wonderful weekend y’all!