Money Saving Tip: How To Save Over $600 A Year!

A couple of years ago I began cutting Tyler’s and my hair. Any of the hair stylists out there are taking in a sharp breath right now. Relax. It’s cool! We don’t look like lopsided weirdos who took garden shears to our heads! It all started because I got sick to death of paying $80 – $120 for a cut and color. I just decided one day to bite the bullet and do it myself because there are a lot of other things I’d rather spend my money on and it just isn’t a luxury we can easily afford.

I started by watching a few Youtube videos and very carefully studying how stylists cut Tyler’s hair the last few times we had it done. I couldn’t tell you what videos they were specifically, but I searched something along the lines of “how to cut men’s hair” and scrolled through the most likely options.

Once I felt as well versed as I could with my all of 15 minutes of hard core studying…Yeah, super prepared right there. I started off very slowly and over time I’ve gotten more comfortable with the process. I was so nervous the first few times!

This is a very personal choice and it takes a high level of not giving a crap if you mess up, because it will happen. I know my hair cuts aren’t pro quality (that’s why you pay hair stylists such good money. They’re artists!) but I prefer to save the money and indulge in the luxury of getting my hair cut only when we can easily afford to. I’m due for a hair cut soon so I’ll have to photograph the process and show you how I do it!

I know this is a little of an off the wall tip, but it seriously does save so much money in the long run. Over the span of a year getting hair cuts every 8 weeks cost us approximately $600 or more a year! Nope. Just nope.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Now enjoy my latest work on my talented GQ model hubby. He smeyesd his little heart out! (Yeah we’re a little crazy) 😉

One thought on “Money Saving Tip: How To Save Over $600 A Year!

  1. Jennifer VanPelt

    Jay started cutting him own hair about a year ago. I help him with the area around his ears and it doesn’t look as good as a professional but $18 a hair cut at sports clips every month was just ridiculous! I only get my hair cut once a year so I let myself pay the $30 to have it done but I’m so low maintenance that it’s only once a year and I quit getting pedicures and started doing my toes myself to save as well.

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