3 Productivity Tips for the Stay-At-Home Mom

As a stay at home mom I’ve picked up some tips throughout my few years with small children that help me be more productive day to day instead of wondering where my day went to and scrambling like a crazy person to look like a productive citizen of the world before we all go to bed! Now this post is more focused on routines, which is just food for my type A, hyper-organized soul. Keep in mind that I do realize I’m a hair shy of crazy on my little daily routines, but I realize it and I hope I reined it in enough to where it is something you can find useful as a young mom!

Get Dressed

Nothing makes me feel more leisurely (aka lazy) than wearing the clothes I slept in the night before for the rest of the day. Even changing into workout wear isn’t quite as much of an energy boost as I would like, since I still feel like I’m in my pajamas. Personally, I look to look put together and presentable mainly because it makes me feel better about myself. And when I feel better about myself, I get stuff done!

I don’t do anything too fancy on a day to day basis, but putting on a pair of jeans and a cute, but still comfortable, shirt makes a world of difference for me. Just like people who go to work every day have a wardrobe deemed appropriate for their environment, I have tried to create a wardrobe befitting a busy mom even though I don’t technically “go” to work.

Do Hair and Makeup

Taking the time to do my makeup and fix my hair makes me feel so good about myself which again ties into my productivity on most days. The time spent on my hair and makeup day to day varies wildly. If I have a fairly relaxed work load for that day I tend to give myself some “me” time and play with my makeup by doing more than the bare minimum. The same goes for my hair. If I’m not doing one of my fall back styles, then I might go on Pinterest and try to find a cute hair style to try out that day.

On days when I know I’m going to be quite busy and I have to hit the ground running once I get up, I stick to my tried and true looks. Typically for me I’ll do this makeup look, with some minor changes here and there depending on how I feel. I either like to curl my hair, which I’ve gotten quite quick at or I throw it up into a messy bun on top of my head. All of these looks are no brainers for me and I have them done quickly when I need to.

Create Routines

Personally I am a very type A, routine oriented person which has transitioned well into having children. My kids really thrive when they know basically what to expect each day. I think it gives them a sense of security, plus it just helps with my day to day functioning. This is what my days usually look like:

  • Get the girls some juice, a snack, and turn on the TV
  • Make myself an iced coffee, and sit with the kiddos on the couch cuddling them while I check my social media accounts
  • Get the girls more juice or a real breakfast if the snack wasn’t enough
  • Check my blog
  • Go get dressed and do my hair and makeup
  • Set out frozen meat for dinner that night, if needed
  • Begin doing housework (washing dishes, laundry, picking up, making beds, wipe kitchen counters)
  • Do any additional housework beyond my usual daily routines
  • Fix lunch for all of us
  • Put Lailah (2 year old) down for her nap
  • Get Izzy started on ABC Mouse and begin writing blog posts or working on DIY activities
  • Fold and put up laundry
  • Once Lailah gets up we usually spend some time together playing outside or playing the Wii
  • Fix dinner
  • More play time or watch a show all together as a family
  • Bedtime for the girls
  • Free time for Tyler and I to spend together
  • Tidy up the house before bedtime
  • Bed for us

That was probably way too much info, but being as organized and routine oriented as I am it was oddly refreshing to type it all out! Now, I’m not completely robotic if you’re sitting there thinking that this chick needs to lighten up! This is just how our days look a lot of the time, but I am not opposed to doing new things or going out for fun out of nowhere. Izzy and Lailah love when we do something unexpected, which is another great thing about kids. Because even though they work so well with routines, they also remember those spontaneous trips to go get ice cream or visiting a friend the most. So, I try to keep this in mind so that I don’t end up becoming boring and robotic. Spontaneity is the spice of life y’all!

Also one of the key components of having kiddos is just going with the flow. It took me a long time to fluctuate my expectations of my days activities to caring for my kids when they needed extra Mommy time or were sick, or anything else that broke up my little schedule I keep in my head. I learned over time to not get upset when the kids interrupted as I was working on something. I like to sit down, work on something, and finish it all in one sitting, which just isn’t going to happen with a 2 year old and 4 year old running around!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that having general routines for the day are good and can help your productivity, but holding to those routines rigidly will ultimately become more of a point of stress than a help.

Bonus: Yoga for Energy

I have fallen out of the routine but for the longest I was doing yoga almost daily. It has always been something that I enjoy immensely and, bonus, it’s a great energy booster! On mornings when I have trouble waking up or getting motivated, I do this short yoga sequence to get my juices flowing! It’s all in the title: Yoga for Focus & Productivity. Plus it’s only a 10 minute practice so it’s easy to squeeze in even on busy days.


I hope you found this post helpful! What are some of the things you like to do to make yourself more productive throughout the day? Have a wonderful week everyone!