Lipstick Dupes

My absolute favorite thing in the makeup industry is when people sniff out some really good dupes. I absolutely love finding cheaper dupes for fairly expensive products. I wish I could underline love three or four times, but wordpress limits me to one. Because seriously I love it! If I can get the same basic product at a significantly lower cost and comparable quality, well sign me up already!

One of my favorite Instagram accounts is Dupethat (@dupethat). As the name implies they do almost nothing but find color dupes in the makeup industry today. Yeah, it’s like candy for me! So if you’ve got some time I highly recommend you go scroll through their feed. Be warned though, it’s addicting!

The dupes I’m going to share with you today I happened upon all on my own, which gave me a bazaar amount of satisfaction like I’d just solved some long forgotten cold case, and they came from my current lipstick collection. Lipsticks seem to be the easiest to spot for me, but I’m curious now after going through each of my lipsticks to see if I have eye shadow dupes as well. I’ll have to do that as my next dupes post if I find anything good.

These pictures are comparing Colourpop Echo Park, The Balm Committed, Stila Vivienne, and Urban Decay Liar gloss (product not pictured since it’s a gloss and not a lipstick like the others) The products are labeled in the caption of the picture so you know which is which.


From L to R: The Balm Committed, Colourpop Echo Park, Urban Decay Liar gloss


Direct Sunlight L to R: The Balm Committed, Colourpop Echo Park


From L to R: Stila Vivienne, The Balm Committed, Colourpop Echo Park, Urban Decay Liar gloss


From L to R: Colourpop Echo Park, Pacifica Nudie Red

It seemed to me that Stila’s Vivienne was just the slightest bit more red than neutral like the other colors, but I decided to include it because Stila is a higher end brand and I thought it was close enough to include.

I don’t know why I had so many of the same color! I was like, hey I found two that look alike! Oh this gloss is similar and would be a great topper. Well, this other one is really similar…and this other one looks the same…Why?! To be fair I only purchased the Stila and Colourpop ones many years apart without realizing how similar they were. The Balm and the Pacifica lipstick were both in a past Ipsy bag.

These neutral pinky nudes are my jam, and I love to wear these shades everyday. Obviously, I will be able to wear this color for a long time since I flippin’ have four that look alike! *face palm*

  • Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip: Echo Park ($6)
  • The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes: Committed ($17)
  • Pacifica Natural Mineral Lipstick: Nudie Red ($10)
  • Stila Color Balm Lipstick: Vivienne ($22)

I absolutely love the formulas on each of these. They are each different, but I love the wear of each one for different reasons. The Colourpop one is so comfortable and lasts so long on my lips. The Balm is a matte liquid lipstick and it has a bit of a minty feel and smell to the lips. It’s a very comfortable wearing matte lip, and I really like this! The Stila lipstick is a regular lipstick and it has some peppermint in it. I love the feel of it and it smells so good! The Pacifica lipstick is very smooth, but I haven’t worn it too much. It looks they don’t this shade for Pacifica anymore but I included a link to their other lipsticks.

From L to R: Too Faced Melted Melon, Maybelline Coral Burst

I waffled back and forth on whether not to include these two. The Too Faced shade is more of a true coral while the Maybelline has a kiss more pink to it. I wasn’t sure if the differences were minute enough not to matter, so I thought I’d share it with you guys. What do you think? Is it close enough not to matter with the price gap and all, or do I need to go back to my Lasik surgeon and demand a refund?

The wear of these is very similar. The formulas are obviously very different, but they are comfortable wearing and I like the shades. I have to reapply both of them pretty often, which doesn’t bother me that much, but if it bothers you I would stay with matte liquid lipsticks.

  • Colourpop Lippie Stix: Bichette ($5)
  • Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil: Cruella ($26)

This was the first dupe I ever found. I got this Nars lip pencil as a Sephora birthday gift, so it wasn’t full sized. I fell in love with it quickly, but since there wasn’t much there I tried to use it sparingly. I was dreading the day it ran out because I did not want to cough up the money for a color I knew I wouldn’t be wearing on a daily basis. I decided to try and find a similar color one day and ended up going through a ton of lipsticks online, not really finding anything that looked that similar.

Now, when I go on the hunt for something I get just a smidgen intense. I had the Sephora site pulled up with Nars Cruella zoomed in. I had another window with the other sites pulled up and I was constantly going back and forth, trying to compare shades as best as I could with the pictures provided. It’s a bit overwhelming with the sheer volume of lipsticks on the market, lemme tell ya! I hopped over to Colourpop’s site and then I found Bichette. It looked so similar so I took the plunge and ordered it and it payed off big for me! I absolutely love this shade of red on my skintone!

The wear of both of these is very similar. I would say that Bichette is just a bit better than the Nars one, but that’s probably biased because of the $21 difference! I don’t care though! If I’m saving that much money and the formulas are extremely comparable, I’ll go for the cheaper option every day!

That’s it today for my lipstick dupes. I hope you found some colors that piqued your interest! Let me know in the comments any dupes that you’ve found, lipstick or any other makeup. I love learning about new dupes all the time!