Upcycling Sterilite Drawers: Medicine Storage


I absolutely love using Sterilite drawers around my house for storage. They are so versatile and relatively inexpensive, but they are, like most utilitarian items, fairly bland looking. As in only two colors that I know of. Could you make more than two colors please? Is that so hard? Apparently. However, it is so easy to beautify these pieces and bring them from pure function to something that is aesthetically pleasing as well. You can check out my first post on upcycling Sterilite drawers here.

This is how my medicine used to be stored. Yeah…it’s a disaster.

Plus, it was stuck in this very disorganized linen closet and I would have to drag it out and dig around until I found what I needed. Closet=Disaster zone as well.

I finally got fed up with it, because as most type A people can relate to, clutter and chaos do not mesh well with how I like to run my household. It stresses me out and makes me upset and if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. A very true Southern adage, I might add. Just ask my husband and my kids. Unfortunately, you won’t get far there as they’ve all learned to lie and tell you I’m a perfect saint all the live long day in order to keep the peace.

Okay, I’m not that bad, but I do work so much better in organized and clean environments. I bought an 8.5″ x 11″ 3 drawer set and some gold spray paint and got to work!


  • Sterilite Drawer
  • Spray Paint suited for plastic
  • Sharpie
  • Label Stickers

Remove the drawers and set aside.

Take the Sterilite shell outside or into a well-ventilated room. I highly recommend outside. I spray painted indoors once with the doors wide open. I might have been high for the first time in my life, not that I’m proud of it. Plus the smell didn’t go away for a few days. Not cool.

Place shell on a cardboard box or anything you have lying around so you don’t have a rectangular splotch on your driveway after you’re done. I used an old dish drying rack to elevate it a bit.

Shake can of spray paint well and then begin spraying left to right or up and down in short strokes and a quick burst at a time. Make sure your can is about 6-8 inches from the shell. I have to be this close because the wind usually steals a lot of my paint if I’m any further away.

Overlap your rows slightly as you continue to spray left to right (or up and down) making sure you don’t hold the spray for too long, which can lead to clumping up of paint and drips when you get to the side. Remember you can always add more, but you can’t take it away.

As the shell is drying, begin writing on your labels. I used a gold metallic sharpie to go with the gold paint. I used the following basic categories: Cough N Cold, Pain Relief, Allergy, Cuts & Scrapes, and Digestive Health. They are all pretty self explanatory, except “Digestive Health” is my cutesy way of disguising laxatives and preparation H.




Once the paint has dried, insert your drawers and organize your medicine accordingly.

Now my medicine is neatly arranged and easy to find.

And now my closet looks like this.

You see that lone bottle of ibuprofen to the left? It was too big to go in the drawers and now I’m cursing myself for being so cheap that I bought the ginormous bottle of pills because it comes out so much cheaper than the smaller bottles. So almost everything is neatly tucked away in the drawers.

I’m glad I was able to organize my medicine and my linen closet and that I don’t have to lug out a big carry-all to find the medicine I’m looking for. Thanks for reading! I’ll talk to y’all again tomorrow!