Money Saving Tip for Sliced Cheese

On my monthly grocery trips I began to only buy blocks of cheese as opposed to shredded because the cost usually came out a lot cheaper. It was only one extra step for me to shred my own cheese, and I’ll take as many extra steps as I need to save a couple bucks. One avenue that I had not yet explored or even thought about until recently was making my own sliced cheese.

My husband has been eating in the office a lot more recently, so he always takes simple sandwich stuff with him. I bought him a packet of sliced cheese, and when we ran out I didn’t want to run to the store at 8 in the evening to go get some more as our local store is way overpriced compared to Wal-Mart or Aldi’s, which are a decent drive for us to get to them. I just realized that I implied 8 o’clock is too late to be running around out of the house…I’m 25…how did it come to this?! Oh. That’s right. Kids.


I grabbed a block of cheddar that I had in the fridge, cut it in half, and used a cheese slicer to get Tyler by until I went to the store again. It occurred to me after I had done this that there was really no need for me to buy sliced cheese anymore when it was significantly cheaper for me to buy blocks and slice them myself! So, on my next grocery trip I picked up a few extra blocks of cheese and sliced them up for Tyler.


Here are the price breakdowns:

8 oz block (17 slices): $1.78 at Aldi’s ($0.10/slice)

Cost of Sliced Cheese at Walmart:

  • Great Value (11 slices): $2.22 ($0.20/slice)
  • Sargento (10 slices): $2.74 ($0.27/slice)
  • Kraft (10 slices): $2.50 ($0.25/slice)


The cost is less than half when you do the calculations! I love finding ways to save some money on my grocery budget. And now I won’t be faced with the choice of running to the grocery store at such ungodly hours of the night…like 8 o’clock…I really feel that I need to go to a store tonight and take a selfie to prove I’m not such an old maid. But then I’ll be that person taking selfies of myself in the grocery store, which is a whole other issue I don’t want to get into.

Until next time, folks!


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  1. Bonnie Robertson

    Hey Charlsi!! So happy to have come across your blog! You are speaking my language with your posts of motherhood & homemaking!! ? Great job!! Sooooo proud of you! Love you, girl! ?

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