My Favorite Makeup Brushes

I mentioned in my Travel Makeup post that I would talk about my favorite brushes in another post, so here it is! Way to go me on following up! Now to stop being obnoxious by congratulating myself. Anyway, these brushes are the ones I always reach for and always use. I have other brushes that I really like, but I go through phases where I just go for others a lot more often. I will break them down categorically and explain what I like to use each brush for. So if you’re interested just keep reading!Here are my favorites as a collective whole:

Oh my gersh so pretty! Let’s start with the face brushes.

This guy is my baby. Out of all of my brushes, I think this is my favorite. If I lost it, I would go buy another one. It is the Morphe M438 and I use it for setting my concealer with loose powders. It’s dense, but not so compact that it feels like you’re stabbing your under eye area, plus the fact that it’s tapered means you can get right up into the inner corners of your eye. I probably love this one so much, because for years I didn’t know about setting concealer with a powder to keep it from creasing so I was constantly having to check my makeup in the mirror throughout the day so I could wipe away the product that built up in the fine lines under my eye. Now I have no worries and I’ve got the perfect brush to do it with!

I guess I’m working with my faves of the favorites first, because I was about to tell you this is my second favorite ever. I guess I’m biased after all. This is the Morphe M527 and I adore this brush for giving a bronzy glow to my cheeks and sometimes I use it for luminous bronzy blushes to give a lovely diffused effect. It is so soft and fluffy and feels wonderful on my face when I’m using it and I really love white brushes.

This is the Real Techniques sculpting brush, and I use it just as the name implies to sculpt my face. It is a great short-haired, angled brush and it is wonderful for contouring! I use it with powder and cream contour colors. It buffs them in nicely and you can easily define your features. When I was new to contouring, this guy was a great baby step for me. Not that I’m a contour expert now. I’m always learning! I always use this guy to buff my liquid Dew the Hoola all over my face. It blends the liquid product out quite nicely.

This is the Real Techniques expert face brush. It is just for blending out my foundations. It is short and dense, but still soft, and it doesn’t eat up your product. You know how some brushes are greedy and you wonder where all your foundation has gone off to? Not this guy. He is generous and works so well and you don’t have to work hard to make him do what he should do in the first place. I sound like I’m describing a man…awkward. Anyway, this is a wonderful brush and it’s drugstore as well! Can’t beat that!

The fluffy brush is Lancome and the other is an E.L.F. stippling brush. I use each of these for blush. I got the Lancome brush in a set many years ago when I got my first makeup brushes, so I don’t really think they would still be selling it. I use for pretty much all of my blushes. The E.L.F. brush is what I use for highly pigmented, darker blushes because the bristles are not heavily compacted they don’t pick up as much product, so it makes it easier for me to go in with bolder blushes without looking like a clown.

This is the Morphe M501 and it is my highlight extraordinaire! It is so soft and fluffy and fits so nicely on my cheekbone and gives that perfect glow for highlighting. I just love it so much…I mean obviously or I wouldn’t have brought it up in a favorite brush post…moving on!

Let’s move on to the windows of the soul: Eyes

This bad boy is the Morphe M504 and it is huge and fluffy and oh so soft. I typically use it for putting lighter eye shadows all over the lid.

This is the Morphe M505 and it is my holy grail crease brush. It is perfect for blending out transition shadows and if you look closely it is slightly tapered with shorter hairs lower down and longer hairs at the top. This is what you ideally look for in blending brushes. They buff out the colors so nicely!

This is the Morphe M330 and I like to use this for deeper shadows on the outer V and for keeping colors right at the crease. It is very pointed and soft, so it blends out the colors very nicely and it lays on the pigment very well. I have to take it slow with this one as it is so soft the color can spread where you don’t want it, but if you take your time you can create the perfect winged shadow effect.

This is the Sigma eye shading E55 brush. This is a very dense, short haired brush and I use it to pack colors onto the lids. It holds on to the product without a lot of fall out and if you pat the eye shadow on instead of swiping, there should be no fall out whatsoever. I bought this purely because Jaclyn Hill recommended it in one of her videos. If you don’t know who Jaclyn Hill is, she is an amazing Youtube makeup artist and you should definitely go check her out!

I believe this came out of one of my Urban Decay Naked palettes but I’m not exactly sure. Fail. Mainly I’m bringing it up because the pencil brush side is great for the lower lash line. It is so soft, which is great because I have tried a pencil brush before that felt like I was literally stabbing my lash line with a pencil. Not cool.

This is the Luxie Flat Definer 221. I got this in an ipsy bag and it is perfect for the lower lash line and for when I want to skip liquid liner and just do a tight line of color on my upper lash line as well. I love to use it for bright colors on my lower lash line because it packs on so much pigment.

This is my absolute favorite gel liner brush ever! It is the Bobbi Brown ultra fine eye liner. I got it when I was 16 though, so I don’t know if she still makes it. It is so easy for me to do a cat eye with this brush. I have tried an angled liner brush and a simple straight liner brush, but I sucked so bad with them! For whatever reason I can do it with this one…usually. I mean winged liner is a jerk sometimes and tries to make you look a fool.

That sums up all of my favorites! All of my Morphe brushes were part of a Liveglam subscription, which is a Morphe brush subscription. I signed up for the sole reason that all of the brushes in that month were Jaclyn Hill’s favorites. Can you tell I’m obsessed?! I am not by any means a makeup expert, nor do I expect that you should buy these brushes. I just wanted to show them to you and give you an idea of the shapes of brushes to look for and their various uses.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I know it was a bit long winded but I tried to touch on everything. My husband thought it was a ridiculous amount for faces, but I told him they each serve very specific functions. I don’t think he was convinced. ? Have a good weekend y’all!