Well, it has been about two years since I have done anything with my blog, but I kept holding to it thinking…maybe…someday I’ll get back into it. Basically, I had my second child and blogging went out the window. Now my youngest is two and I just realized that I should get back into my blog! So here I am! Obviously…Captain Obvious strikes again.

Here’s the very condensed summation of my family’s past couple of years. I had another baby girl and she is just a little gem like her big sister! Almost had her in the car though, so that was cool…not. I might have to do a detailed birth story because it was crazy pants, lemme tell ya. Like the kind you see in the movies.

We bought a fixer upper, inspired by my love for the show Fixer Upper and all things Joanna Gaines related. We remodeled it top to bottom and there are still little projects here and there that we need to get to. Like baseboards…we still don’t have baseboards in a few places…don’t ask. Plus I pretty much painted every room in the entire house and my husband somehow never had to pick up a paintbrush. I don’t know how he did it, but he’s a tactical genius. I must learn his ways because I never want to paint again…ever!

I planted a new garden for the spring and I’m so ready to get canning and putting back our own produce!

I think that just about covers the high points, so I will talk to you again soon! Have a lovely day!