Just Dropping In

I plan on getting back into the swing of things here soon! Sorry I’ve been absent so long. All I can say is life caught up with me as a momma and sat me firmly down on my butt for a little while. First off being 34 weeks pregnant and chasing around a 2 year old is getting increasingly laborious plus my whole family has gotten sick over the past week and a half. My husband and I are still recovering, but thankfully Miss Izzy is back to 100%. It’s so sad seeing your baby sick! It’s the first time she’s ever had an illness bad enough to get her down. She had an ear infection that took her a little more than a week to get over even with the antibiotics. I spent many hours a day just sitting with her and holding her as we watched some of her favorite programs. She’s not a cuddly little girl so I tried to soak up all the “I hold you” (what she says when she wants me to pick her up) as I could! At least that was something positive that came out of her being a sickie.

Then I guess the sleep deprivation from caring for Izzy and my hubby, who kudos to him is an amazingly self-sufficient sick guy, caught up with me and got me down. I’m still on the up and up, with good days and bad. Being sick sucks quite frankly! Being sick and huge pregnant and puttering after a million-mile-an-hour 2 year old little girl is a little worse. At least this too shall pass. Pity party over now! Lastly let me leave you with this meme I stumbled across on Pinterest the other day that I’m sure all you other mommas can relate to. It made me laugh out loud because it is just so true! Have a blessed day everyone.

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  1. Emily

    Missed you guys at church last week!! But now I know why!! Glad to hear everyone is feeling better!! Hoping to see y’all tonight! 🙂 xoxo

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