All you crafty minded people, listen up! I made a fabulous new discovery a couple weeks ago: Fabricworm. This is an awesome fabric store. They have a LOT of product so its a bit daunting looking through it all, but they have such a beautiful selection of modern fabrics and adorable fabrics for kids products. I quickly put an order in and have been waiting on pins and needles ever since for my fabric to get here. I was checking my email several times a day for updates. It was getting sad. Then I finally got that glorious email telling me my order has shipped and my obsessive compulsive side rejoiced because they had a tracking number for the package! Now I could even more obsessively stalk its progress. Needless to say, I was checking on the tracking updates for that bad boy way too many times a day. Finally it was in my town and out for delivery. I watched my window like a hawk and tried not to scare the mail person by ripping open the door the moment they got to my doorstep.


Yes, I was uber excited! When you live in a small town where the coolest thing to do is to get a coke at McDonald’s, it makes all the other small things that much more exciting.


Aren’t they beautiful?! Duh! I’m so excited to get cracking on some projects with them. For those of you who are curious or want to purchase any of these for yourselves, I’ll include the names of each fabric.


Mark Hordyszynski, Birds of a Feather, Twigs Teal


Cynthia Rowley, Paint Box, Wicker Citrus


Michael Miller, Midnight Gems, Lauren Jewel


Michael Miller, Midnight Gems, Lauren Teal


Swirly Girls, Poppy Love, Peaks and Pearls Sailor


Michael Miller, Animal Friends Girl

Have an awesome Monday everyone!

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