B-Day Evening Festivities

I’m sitting outside of a McDonald’s right now writing this with Miss Izzy in the back watching Despicable Me since my dumb internet has been down all day! Boo! Last Saturday I had a nice relaxed family dinner for my b-day. I was flipping through one of my cookbooks trying to decide what to cook when I stumbled across grilled pizza. Yes, you read that right. Grilled pizza! Maybe I’ve been stuck under a rock and this is more popular and widely known than I thought, but it was sure a revelation for me. We had to try it!


I was being super lazy and decided to just buy a pizza crust instead of making one. Hey, it’s my b-day. Of all days I can be lazy then, right?


We used some of my homemade pasta sauce for the pizza. My master griller is hard at work.

DSC06382 DSC06384

Putting the sausage and peppers on.


Getting the cheese on.


Now just close the lid and let it do its thing.

DSC06394 DSC06393

Yes, it was as delicious as it looks. They tasted like a wood-fire cooked pizza that you get in some of those fancy pants pizza parlors. It’s definitely worth a try if you’ve never done this before!


Izzy stayed busy in her sandbox while we grilled.


I also made a delicious pound cake for dessert. (The recipe is soon to come in another post)

All in all, I had a very nice and quiet b-day. Y’all have a blessed day!