Craft Desk Reorganization

I finally got the drive to reorganize my dreadfully cluttered work area. Here’s the before picture:DSC06284

I guess it’s not that bad, but it was driving me crazy having everything everywhere. That pink makeup box on the left of my table held a lot of my sewing essentials, but it was annoying to move all my stuff off the top of it and then have to dig around until I found what I wanted. It was so stuffed full that I would buy new sewing needles or bobbins not realizing that they were buried underneath everything else in my case. I also had all my printed quilted and sewing patterns lying all over the place and it seems like paper can clutter up a place quicker than anything.

Here are the results:


The only thing I ended up having to purchase was the white set of drawers on the left. I had some decorative sticky paper (I’m not exactly sure what it’s called) that I cut to fit around the edges.


These drawers took the place of my pink makeup box and made it where things are much more organized!


I had a black binder that I wasn’t using, so I moved all of my patterns into it to keep them more organized. I had a jar sitting around that I put my scissors, rotary cutter, and pens and pencils into.

It’s a small change, but it really made a lot of difference. Now I’m not having to dig around to find what I need. I know exactly where everything is and it’s nicer for me to work in a nice clean environment. Have a blessed day y’all!