Natural Remedies Rock!

Well, my baby girl got her first major boo-boo the other day. I was doing my make-up and our bathroom counter is pretty small so I put my straightening iron on the floor since I was going to use it afterwards…You see where this is going. She came into the bathroom and I didn’t notice her playing with the iron until she started that scream-cry that puts your mommy sensors on high alert. I stupidly had left it plugged in and she inadvertently turned it on while holding it. I turned around to see what was wrong and she was just holding it and crying. It was a blur after that. I snatched the iron out of her hand and chunked it across the bathroom and then picked her up and started frantically singing her favorite song. I whirled around to go get my phone and knocked my water cup into the toilet and the laptop nearly went with it.

I’m usually pretty cool-headed but I had never dealt with burns and have only ever had mild burns so I didn’t know what to do and was getting a bit panicked. I kept thinking do I need to look something up on the internet? How bad does it have to be before I take her to the hospital? Oh my gosh they’re going to call CPS on me because I’m a terrible mother! All this while I tried to get in touch with someone on the phone and try and soothe my crying baby girl. After what seemed like ages I got ahold of my mom (mom’s know best right?) and she told me to put her hand in egg whites…What? She explained to me, as I put Izzy down and dashed to the kitchen to separate a couple of eggs, that egg whites helped her at the store. The store being the business my parents own where they have a short-order grill. That being said, mom has dealt with her fair share of burns and had tried everything under the sun, but egg whites had always worked best for her. She didn’t remember where she had read it, so I can’t refer you to anything (sorry!), but once I dipped Izzy’s hand into that bowl she stopped crying. That was a miracle in itself! I just held her and rocked her and she seemed content to leave her hand in the bowl. So, the next time you or anyone else in your house gets a burn, I highly recommend cracking open an egg. It certainly won’t heal it, but it seemed to work well for a little pain relief.

DSC05805This is the day she burned it. They hadn’t blistered up yet.


Here it is at day 12. Her little hand is slowly healing and she hasn’t acted like it’s bothered her since the day she burned it. You’re not supposed to pop the blisters, but with an 18 month old, that’s nigh on impossible. I think she had her blisters for about 5 days before she popped them. They still look pretty gnarly, but she is definitely doing better. I hope this little tidbit helps if you and yours happen to get a nasty burn. Have a blessed day!