My Big Girl Garden!

One positive thing about our sudden move was the fact that our renter let me dig up a plot for a small garden. I was beyond stoked! I dug up a roughly 4′ x 10′ area. Now it probably would have been easier to rent a tiller but I’m stubborn and frugal and I wanted to do it all myself. So, with a shovel and a hoe and a good 3 hours of my life I hacked up the ground for my garden. My back and abs were sore for days, so nice workout-ish bonus there. I wanted to start off fairly small so that I didn’t overwhelm myself and decide to quit gardening altogether. Once I had my area prepared, I planted some roma tomato plants, a couple other heirloom tomatoes, pole beans, bush beans, bell pepper, jalapeno, Serrano, cayenne, carrots, sugar snap peas, okra, zucchini, and lettuce. Looking back I probably (I did) put too much in one area, but it has been a fun first year experiment. The okra and a lot of the bush beans I planted didn’t come up. I probably planted them too deep. Who knows, but I’ll try again next year. Another huge plus is our neighbor is a master gardener! :O How cool is that?! Anywho, our neighbors are awesome, and I try not to shamelessly pester him with gardening questions every time I see him in the yard.


Here’s my baby! It’s quite small right now, but it gets sprawling and huge later.


My tomatoes went crazy! One of my roma plants got so big it toppled the tomato cage over, so I’ve got it propped up with a stick now.




My roma’s are producing pretty heavily now! I’m planning on making some homemade tomato sauce with them, so I’ll keep y’all posted on how it turns out.






I only planted about six snap pea plants, because I didn’t know how much they would yield. Turns out, not too much, at least in my case. Here’s my meager crop that I put in a stir fry. They were delicious and crunchy! I will definitely plant more next year.


I was so proud of my zucchini plants and then *sniff* some squash bugs got hold of them. Of course, I didn’t know that’s what they were but my neighbor identified them for me.


Here’s one of the little frickers! They totally destroyed my zucchini plants and I was so sad! Am still sad. They have a sucking mouthing, sort of like a mosquito, and they penetrate the stem and deprive the leaf of the nutrients that the roots are sending up to them. Therefore, the leaves die first.


They lay their eggs on the bottoms of the leaves.


It is so cool to be able to walk out into the garden and get my own produce and then be able to eat something that I grew. I’m having a great first year so far, and I can’t wait to expand my garden next year and plant even more things. Have a blessed day!