As a mom, (for me anyways), it can be hard to find time in the day to take care of a child, do all the daily housework and look fabulous for your husband when he gets home from work. The holy trinity, in my book, is having your hair, clothes and makeup all done at once, but, let’s face it, that ain’t gonna happen all the time! Two out of three is ok for me as I will explain. I greatly amused my husband when I told him the method behind my madness. He knew I was a bit a lot crazy before he married me, so he knows what he signed up for! It’s usually impossible or I’m just too tired to nail the trinity so I usually always have at least mascara and concealer (I have horrible purple under-eye circles and I hate them!) and then I will either have my hair styled or I will have something besides a T-shirt and workout shorts on. Let me tell ya, I really rock the workout clothes. I should probably work out more with all the exercise clothes I own. That’s beside the point. Anyway, as is probably already clear I will do hair and makeup or clothes and makeup etc. on any given day. It is very important to me to continue to work on my appearance on a daily basis because I feel like it’s important for my husband to come home to the attractive woman he married, not hag-city because I don’t give a crap anymore since I already bagged the guy. He doesn’t expect me to look put together every day and I know I just need those rare days where I don’t do jack, but I feel like, as a wife, it should be a priority to look presentable to your husband. To me it’s an act of love and one way that I can show my love and appreciation to him. I like to look pretty for him and I don’t ever want to give him an excuse or a need to look at women who actually try to look presentable. I do, however, feel like there is a fine line between being conscientious of your hubby’s needs and succumbing to vanity. I feel like it’s a no-no when I do my makeup in the hopes that I’ll get checked out by some random dudes. All the affirmation I need and any of my husbands needs should be met at home. That being said I capital L.O.V.E. makeup! It is so much fun to get dolled up every now and then and lately I have become absolutely OBSESSED with watching these make up tutorial videos by Jaclyn Hill! I think she is a friggin genius! A lot of the looks she gives tutorials on are pretty heavy and intensive, which I happen to love, but they aren’t all suitable for the day-to-day looks. She has excellent tips on how to apply foundation and concealers, how to use different makeup brushes, contouring and highlighting the face and so much more! Not to mention she is quirky as can be and I really wish I could meet her because she is super fun to watch. She used to work for MAC and she is a professional makeup artist now so she does actually know what she’s doing. I encourage you to give her a shot because she has so many tips that she gives and I am getting better and better at doing my makeup. I just watched this video tonight and I wanted to share it because it looks so summery and easy. I hope you enjoy and I encourage you to go check out her channel.