Apartment Gardening

It is very challenging to have all these grand ideas in mind now that I’ve gotten so hooked on gardening and to only have a very limited space to do it in, but I’m making it work! I’ve been working on getting a lot of peppers planted. I can’t say much about it that the pictures don’t.


Here’s everything before I got going on it.

DSC04571 DSC04572

I bought this laundry container for $8 at a dollar store and drilled some drainage holes into the bottom of it. It’s very important to have drainage holes so that any excess water can drain out the bottom and your plants don’t have “wet feet” which can kill them.


Here’s some of my peppers! I was so stoked when I went to my local nursery and saw the variety they had. I got some jalapeno, serrano, cayenne, red bell, and california wonder (traditional green bell) peppers.


I scattered some lettuce seeds into my rosemary container to see if they would take a couple of weeks ago and, sure enough, they have sprouted like crazy! I can’t wait to have some fresh greens.


Not much to see on this guy yet, but I planted some sugar snap peas.

DSC04563 DSC04565

So thankful to have daddy here to keep the baby girl occupied while I work on my gardening stuff. She absolutely loves being outside, but she likes to run off all the time and she is so fast now! I honestly considered (guilty mom confession here) those stakes people put in their yards for their dogs and putting her backpack/leash thing on and getting her set up…Oh it seemed so tempting…I promise I’m not a bad mom!


I got some fresh herbs and I can’t wait for them to mature and to add all of these fresh flavors to my food. In the back left corner is some parsley, top right is cilantro, stringy ones in the middle to the right are chives, and in the front is lavender.


I got these nice containers to frame my apartment doorway. I put the herbs in these.


Here’s some of my peppers!


I still haven’t got it polished up yet, but I’m so excited to have gotten this much done!