Sweat Pant Thursdays!

Doesn’t that just sound nice? They have Casual Fridays and Wednesday is Hump Day, so why not make Thursdays for sweatpants? For some reason it has become my lazy day, and yes I am still in my sweatpants and it feels amazing! I don’t know why, it just seems like I’m at my most relaxed on Thursdays. Now let me just say, I have been fairly productive today so I don’t feel too bad about slouching around in my jammies.


Yesterday I raided Hobby Lobby and picked up a whole bunch of booty. I love love love this store! It’s a crafter’s heaven. Fortunately I knew what I wanted so I didn’t spend forever just browsing.


The returned fabric bin had all these amazing fabrics just lying around waiting to be snagged by me. I’ll be making some couch and bed pillows to further add a personal touch to my decor. It just feels good to decorate my home with things that I made because then I know no one else has it and that it is uniquely me.


I also got this self-healing rotary cutting mat and a rotary cutter thanks to my mom! We have started to get into quilting together and she said these items were definitely worth the investment. When I figured out how much they cost I was quite content to just use my scissors and ruler, but she gave me a bit of cash to get these. I haven’t gotten to use them yet, but I’m excited to! Thanks again mom!


I also got a couple of foam chair pads and this fabric to reupholster some thrift dining room chairs I picked up the other day. I’ve really got to invest in a staple gun because I could have had that project done by now if I did! I got some extra fabric so I could tie it in with the living room decor and try to make everything fairly synonymous without being too matchy-matchy.


I have been working on hand quilting this pot-holder which my quilting book calls a trivet, but, to me, it’s a dang potholder. It’s slow-going doing it by hand but, strangely enough, it’s very relaxing for me. I was hoping to have this finished by now, but it will get done when its done.


I’ve got this handy dandy thing that holds it in place to ease the hand-sewing process. It keeps the fabric nice and taut and really is a beneficial quilting tool. I’m always concerned about buying into gimicky gadgets that actually serve little to zero purpose, but this is really useful. I’ve also seen the quilting hoops and I may need to invest in a few of those at some point.


I live with my very own tiny Texas tornado in the form of my baby daughter. I can’t tell you how many times I have picked up her toys today! But that’s all part of stay-at-home momhood and I’d rather be here with her making a disaster zone out of the house 2 seconds after I have it looking half-way decent than to be away from her all day while I’m at work. There’s nothing wrong with being a working momma, I’m just very blessed that my husband can provide for our family to where I can stay home. It’s one of those things I always dreamed of growing up.


And I’ve got my right hand man doing the cooking for me today! Crock pots are just a marvelous invention. This is a new chicken tortilla soup recipe I’m trying out so I’ll let you know if it’s any good. Awesomely enough it’s about 115 calories per bowl according to My Fitness Pal.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Sweatpants Thursday (yes, it will be a thing. You just wait!)