Fun Family Weekend

We went to Fredericksburg this weekend with my parents and it was just so relaxing. We stayed at a hotel close enough to the downtown shops that we could walk to them easily. It was just one of those vacations where you do a whole lotta nothing and it feels amazing! I loved walking around and looking at all the little shops, and my husband and I especially loved all the wine shops. For those of you who don’t know, Fredericksburg has a ton of wineries and vineyards in the area, which is great with us being hobby winemakers ourselves. There was also this amazing shop that had lots of home furniture and decor that was rustic without being too western kitchy, if you know what I mean. Every piece I looked at I wanted! I only needed a good $20,000 to $30,000 to buy all the stuff I took a fancy to. Ha! I don’t think I’d spend that kind of money even if I did just have it lying around. I loved the whole style of the store, so I started taking pictures of things that I thought would be possible for me to make in my own home.


The store had a lot of burlap in it, but I thought it was done so nicely and didn’t look too barnyardy. This lampshade looked like something I could easily make at home to add a little character to a regular old lamp. I’m sure Wal-Mart has some plain round lampshades like this that you could hot glue the burlap onto. I’m not sure about the fabric flowers, but I know they’re really popular nowadays.DSC04419

I fell in love with this chair! Everything about it caught my eye, from the legs to the choice of fabric. It looks a bit antiquated, which is something I really go for. I never would have considered this kind of fabric for upholstering my dining room chairs, but it just worked. It’s like when you see something on the hanger at a clothes store that you think could never look good, but once you try it on it surprises you.DSC04418

Okay, I really more love the idea of this pillow. I definitely wouldn’t do the velvet, but I thought the pillow design itself would look nice as a throw pillow. DSC04417

Another great use of burlap here. I never would have thought to use it to upholster a chair, but it looked fabulous, and I absolutely loved the chair itself.DSC04416

I thought this was a pretty nifty idea for light fixtures that have chains exposed. Cover them with some kind of fabric, in this instance burlap, to hide those ugly chains and give your light fixtures a more polished look.DSC04415

I’m sure it might be a little costly to find or have mirrors made for these, but I thought this was something that would be totally doable for those of us crafty minded people. They look like old window shutters or just windows with a mirror replacing the glass part.


Here’s my crazy baby and my momma! Baby girl likes the weirdest foods, as you can see on her plate. She had a couple of lemons and a lime to suck on before the food came…Ugh! It’s so gross, but she loves it. She had fries which is pretty normal and then pickles and raw onions…Yup. I guess she just really likes tart and sour foods. She must of gotten that from her Wyna (my hubby’s momma) She can eat lemons with salt on them and she really likes it. Gag!


I kept trying to get her attention so I could get a picture of her smiling at me and she just kept making this face! She is definitely her father’s daughter! All in all, we had a great relaxing weekend with my folks.


Yes, it’s a leash, and I will no longer make fun of these! Ever since she learned to walk, she has this new-found sense of independence (hey, that rhymed) and she wants to walk everywhere by herself, thank you very much. This thing came in handy since all the little shops were on a busy main street. She can take off too quickly now when she wants to and she refuses to hold our hands. I thought just forcing her to hold my hand would work, but she starts bawling and sits down and will not budge unless I let her walk unassisted…*sigh* This backpack/leash gave me the peace of mind I needed and gave her the independence she wanted. Relationships are all about compromise, aren’t they? Hope y’all had a fabulous weekend and are having a great Monday. God bless!