Refashioned Baby Onesie

Hobby Lobby sells baby onesies so I bought this hot pink one to make something a little special for my baby girl.


This was really simple to do. I found this tutorial on how to make your ribbons into ruffles that is super quick and easy to do.


I made the elephants out of some scrap fabric I had lying around. I searched for pictures of these little guys on google to get an idea of how they were done and the design is pretty simple. All it takes is drawing a big oval, but you could do a perfect circle to make an even squattier elephant. Once you have the oval drawn, just draw the legs, tail and trunk off of it. (I just realized I forgot to give them ears. Woops! What a goober! I’ll have to remedy that soon.) I drew the elephants with a fabric pencil on the wrong side of the fabric I was using and then cut them out. I drew the eyes on the wrong side of the fabric and then stitched them on. Next, I pinned and sewed the elephants onto the onesie. I thought about hemming the outside of the elephants to make them look more polished, but I thought they might look pretty cute with frayed edges…ah let’s face it, I was just too lazy to hem them! I used my sewing machine to sew the ruffle along the midsection and then I was done.

DSC04384 DSC04387

My sweet little girl was obliging enough to hold still for a couple of shots. Hope y’all enjoy! Have a blessed day.