Birthday Dinner

Yesterday was my husbands birthday, so, as is my usual gift for him on special occasions, I cooked him a veritable feast! February is such a busy month for us with our anniversary, Valentine’s, and his birthday, which is why I try to go homemade as much as possible to cut costs. I was exhausted after I finished cooking, but it was all worth it to make my man happy with an extra special home-cooked meal. I was also able to continue stash-busting my freezer and pantry. For the main course we had a beef tenderloin that my grandparents sent for Christmas. It was already seasoned and cooked and only had to be thawed out, and it was AH-mazing! I’ve got three more in the freezer and I’m wanting to save them for special occasions…like this Friday maybe? For sides we had homemade rolls and these absolutely delicious scallop potatoes. For dessert we had some super soft and chewy sugar cookies. It was a really great night!


Baby girl also made her daddy a little present and we have our very first refrigerator drawing! I used to wonder how parents could stand having messy scribbles hung up on their fridge (mom-of-the-year talk right there. Woops!) but now I’m beginning to get it. She’s not old enough to have drawn it with the intention of giving it to her daddy, but we love looking at it and knowing that our beautiful little girl made it with her own two hands. I know it’s going to be that much more special when she comes up to us with something she drew especially for us and I know how proudly I will display it for her. Hope y’all have had a great start to your week. God bless!