Update: Seedlings

DSC04247Ugh! They are doing horrible! Just terrible! I started these around the middle of January and, as you can see, they ain’t doing too bueno. But thanks to this awesome post from Kendra over at New Life on A Homestead, I now know what I’ve been doing wrong! Thank goodness. I’m going to start over now and try not to murder any more poor seedlings! On a side note, my sugar snap peas are doing pretty well. They must be hard to kill is all I can say for them.

First thing I noticed was that my seedlings were quite tall and sickly looking. Apparently your growth light needs to be a couple of inches from the tops of the plants and mine is about a foot away…Oops! Having the light that far away made my seedlings stretch out for the light which meant they ended up weaker than they should be. Next, I was only leaving my light on for a few hours and you’re supposed to have it on all day. Blast it! When I noticed my soil drying up I watered to get them good and moist. I did something right didn’t I? Nope! I was drowning my poor seedlings instead of spritzing them with a water bottle like Kendra says to do. Shoot! What have I not done wrong at this point?!

Oh well, I knew I was going to make a lot of mistakes on my first go-round so I can’t beat myself up too much over it, although I do feel like a dunder head right about now! I’m going to start over fresh and get some more seedlings started. I’ll keep you posted on how the next and  hopefully final round of seedlings are holding up. Thank goodness they give you a bunch of seeds in those little packets.DSC04249