The Slumbering Dragon Pillow

Oh my gosh I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was to finish this project! It actually turned out how I had envisioned it, which used to never happen. Seriously, I got sick of making stuff because it just looked so much better in my head. This is something my husband and I cooked up together and it was inspired by the “boyfriend pillow” I saw floating around on the Pinterest craft boards for awhile (which I found super creepy). My super talented husband drew up the rough sketch for me and I ran with it.



Mind you this is my prototype for future dragons to come, so it’s a bit rough around the edges. When I make another one (which I already have all the materials for) I will provide a tutorial so everyone can make their kid their own fierce bedtime companion to scare all the monsters away. My husband threatened that he would start using it as his pillow case when I finished and I really hope he was joking! I already have to elbow him back onto his side of the bed and I sure don’t want to have this dragon taking up my side too! I was an only child so I have issues with space when it comes to the bed. I was that terrible kid who made her friends sleep on the floor at sleepovers (I know, it’s awful!) so it was an adjustment sharing a bed with someone once I got married. Hopefully you only kids out there can commiserate with me! Ok, random rant about my life you probably didn’t have to hear about aside, I’m still trying to decide if I should make a wing for him. Let me know what you think!



As you may have noticed the tail is curved back instead of forward and that was just a derp moment on my part. I had sewn all the spikes on the wrong side before I figured it out…Geez! But the next one I make will have the tail turned the other way like it should be. I can’t wait to start on my next dragon and get a tutorial put together! I’ll get it to you soon!

One thought on “The Slumbering Dragon Pillow

  1. Kailyn Lowe

    Maybe you could make the wing a blanket of sorts? Then it would be an all in one for sleepovers/naps.

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