Attempt To Propagate Celery


Today I was super excited to start an experiment that I saw, of course, on Pinterest. Apparently you can propagate celery by planting the bottom part that you usually chuck away! I don’t know if this is true or not and I have done absolutely zero research, but I wanted to give it a shot as I had a celery butt (I don’t know what you call the end of it!) on hand.

I took one course of horticulture, so my knowledge is scanty at best, but I do know that many plants can be propagated by planting a cutting and waiting for it to take root and develop new shoots. For those of you who may be new to gardening, like me, propagation is the process of getting new plants by a variety of methods. As a result, the new plant will be identical to the parent plant.

I’ll keep everyone posted on its progress as I go. I would just love to be able to snick some celery off whenever I wanted to cook with it! My dad and his dad were farmers, so I guess the farm girl is coming out in me at last! I hope I’ll make them proud.

DSC02498Isn’t it beautiful?! I know most of it is in black and white, but the pot used to be just a plain ol’ terra cotta thing and I spray painted it using Rust-oleum Multicolor Textured in Desert Bisque. It made it look really nice and was an affordable way to spruce up a cheap terra cotta pot! And I sure love finding cheap ways to make inexpensive things look like they cost a lot more than they actually did!