I’ve Got Monkey Fever!

No, I don’t have some strange new disease! I am SO freakin’ addicted to making sock monkeys now! Seriously, I can’t stop. I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and I couldn’t find a single suitable pair of socks to make more monkeys! That’s probably a good thing though. Anyway, viewers beware, if you decide to do this tutorial you will be so stinkin’ hooked. Don’t blame me when your house is full of sock monkeys. I, at least, have the excuse of my baby, though I don’t know how long that excuse will hold up. Here is where I found the amazing tutorial. She has a TON of really detailed pictures and the directions are very clear and easy to follow. The only things I really changed were that I went ahead and put stuffing in the tail as opposed to batting and I did the eyes a little bit differently. She uses buttons, but I preferred to use these craft animal eyes that I got at Hobby Lobby. Also, be sure you sew all the pieces BEFORE you cut them out. It makes it so much harder if you go ahead and cut out the pieces, as I, regrettably, found out.


Aren’t they adorable!?


She wasn’t too sure about Hector (yes, we named them)


But she sure loved Deedee! We carry her everywhere with us now!


I chose these eyes mainly because they have the backing that will not come off once you slide it into place, which puts this momma’s mind at ease since babies chew on everything. I tried just snipping a small hole in the sock and putting these in, but the hole easily tore wider and the whole eye came out, so I amended this by using the felt. Just cut the tiniest possible holes in the felt and the sock and the felt will keep the hole from ripping wider in the sock and helps hold everything in place so much better.


She has thoroughly enjoyed them! Now get your monkey butts in gear! It’s sock monkey time!