A Crap Sandwich

Strange title, right? Well, it’s how my husband described my day after I told him about it. I ended up crying 3 (yes, 3!) times today (and no I’m not pregnant!) I had two things I needed to do today: 1) Go to the baby girl’s 1 year check up 2) Pick up a few things at Wal-Mart. Should have taken MAYBE 2 hours. MAYBE! But there was a bit of a hold up at the pediatricians office so I ended up being there an hour and a half. It was honestly not their fault because, one, I was a new patient and two, the doctor I should have seen had to rush a little one to the hospital, so they shuffled me around to a different doctor. Totally understandable!

I was still having a good day at this point. We figured out that my baby girl had a yeast infection so the doc said she would call in a prescription for her to Wal-Mart. I was already going there, so hey this should go pretty quickly, right? Wrong! So wrong! I gave the pharmacy 30 minutes after I got to the store to fill it and when I went to pick it up they had never gotten the order and sent me over the Drop Off area to speak with someone else. They couldn’t find anything, so I called the doctor’s office and they said they would resend it. I assumed it was taken care of then so I went to get the rest of the things on my list. I’m sure you all know what happens when you assume things. It’s either gonna make an a$$ out of you or me. Well, it was me this time. I went back and they still hadn’t gotten the call. I called the doctor again. They sent the order AGAIN. And yet AGAIN I had to trot on over to the Drop Off area to give them all my insurance information. They finally got the order and told me it would be ready in 30-40 minutes and I would receive a text when it was ready to go. No big deal (well, kind of as I had already been there an hour and a half, but I was trying to draw on the patience of Jesus at this point) They would send out a text when the prescription was ready, and those have always been reliable. Phew, glad that’s all taken care of! Wrong! So so so WRONG! Whilst I was waiting I called my husband and that was the first time I cried. I was so frustrated! After 1 HOUR I went to check on the order (why did I wait an hour, you might ask? Who knows.) And there wasn’t a long line, they had everything ready to go and I got to go home. Psych! They said they didn’t have my insurance information and the order had not been filled. I nearly cried again at this point because I was really losing it. I wasn’t mad, I was just frustrated and really sad. Anyway, after 30 more minutes they finally got everything they needed and filled my order and I got to leave AT LAST. Not joshin’ with you this time. All in all I was at Wal-Mart 3 1/2 hours. AAH!

I finally got home and just fell into my husbands arms. This was the second time I cried. He got all the groceries out of the car for me and he had dinner all ready. The day was definitely on the uphill. We had a wonderful dinner because my hunky hubby is a fantastic cook. But wait! You might be thinking, “She’s only cried twice, and she said she cried three times! Her day is getting better so why would she cry again?!” (I just want to preface this next part by saying that I was already quite emotional) As I was putting groceries up, I had squatted down to put something on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and, as I was getting up, I bumped against one of the shelves on the door and unhooked it and spilled all of the contents on the floor. I looked at Tyler and he said (as he was laughing at me), “Don’t cry baby, it’s ok!” I was teetering between laughing and crying, but when he told me not to cry, for some inexplicable and stupid reason I just started bawling again. And, obviously, that was the third and final time I cried tonight.

Oh my lands, I cannot tell you what a crappy day it had been. I told my hubby how good it had started off and then it was just awful, but once I got home again it got a heck of a lot better. And that folks is a crap sandwich. You start and end with something good but the middle is full of crap. (Eloquent, isn’t he?) The main reason I wanted to write this post was not to complain about my day, as it may seem at this point. I want to point out all the good things. The people at the pharmacy were working really hard to try and fix everything. They were patient and kind and never snapped at me. The people at the doctor’s office never got impatient with me or acted annoyed that I kept calling to get the prescription through. They heard me out each time and then called me back to make sure I had gotten the order through at last. There was a wonderful older gentleman who worked there who asked everyone he came to if they needed help finding anything. The thing that struck me with him is that he seemed genuinely happy at his job and eager to help in any way he could. He made me smile. The woman who checked me out was happy and kind and was just one of those delightful older women who is an absolute joy to talk to. And, above all, I have THE best baby in the world. She had had a 20 minute nap today (where she usually gets a good 2 hour one) and she had gotten 4 shots and she NEVER stopped babbling and waving at everyone. I think she helped me through this garbage dump of a day more than anything. I couldn’t believe what a good mood she was in and stayed in for the entire day.  What a huge blessing. Of course, she can’t quite offer the comforting words that my amazing husband was able to. I was so appreciative of my beautiful little family by the end of the night.

So, when you have those crappy, awful, not-good, garbage dump days, I hope you can look back and try to find the positives in it, because I promise you will find the good in any situation, no matter how bad it may seem and focusing on those positive things will lift your spirits more than I can possibly explain. Have a great night everyone!