Living Room Redo

Well folks I finally finished the pillows for my couch! I was so totally stoked! I rearranged the furniture slightly and sewed a valance and some new pillows, bought a couple curtains and now this room is feeling totally refreshed. You know what I mean? Sometimes the smallest changes can make a huge difference and really brighten up the place. Plus it just feels good to make something with your hands.

All I did was switch our couch and one of our bookshelves, but it made the room flow better. My back was aching a bit afterwards –I probably should have waited for my hubby to get home– but I was just too excited to wait! Anyway, I was quite excited to get this all done before the family comes over for Christmas. I have been working like a mad woman this past week to get everything cleaned and freshened up. Anyway, here are a few pictures of my efforts:

DSC01606 DSC01612 DSC01610

I didn’t make the brown ones, but I did do the others.