Be The Change That You Want To See

I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day (big shocker, right?!) and I came across a pin that really got me to thinking. It was a nutritional label that was made up of comments dissing God. (1 angry God, 100% bulls&*t, you get my drift) It made me so sad when I saw it, but what really prompted me to even write this post were the comments between two young women beneath it. I don’t know where the pin is now so I can’t quote them verbatim, but it was basically an argument/conversation(?) between an atheist and a believer and follower of God. If you’ve ever read these kind of threads then you might know how it went down. The Christian woman made a statement that if an atheists life is at stake then they will definitely start praying. The atheist rebuttled and then the Christian woman proclaimed Jesus as the Way and the Truth and the Life and that belief in Him was the only way to Heaven and she said she would pray for the atheist woman. The atheist woman responded by asking her to ask whatever deity it was she believed in to show proof that he/she existed. End scene. What saddened me most was the hostility and lack of respect that occurred in the exchange.

One of the biggest pet peeves of mine is that if you’re an atheist and I’m a Christian then we obviously can’t get along or be friends. No way! That’s just silly. Its agreeing to disagree and having mature conversations about our beliefs and, above all, not trying to drown the other person in the assumed superiority of our own beliefs. I accept the fact that I very well could be wrong and that there is no God. But I don’t believe that. And I definitely disagree with the belief that there is no God, but I will never be cruel or degrading to someone who believes that. I’m not trying to point fingers at anyone, I just want everyone, no matter what you believe in, to treat each other like human beings. It goes back to the golden rule: Treat others how you yourself would like to be treated. Now to me (if you’re a Christian) the best way to show God to others is being kind and showing love to everyone around you because God is love. One of my very close friends is agnostic. It makes me sad, but it’s what she believes. I can’t turn my back on her just because she doesn’t believe in God. And God can’t and won’t turn His back on anyone, even if they wholeheartedly do not believe in Him. I just wish exchanges like the one I witnessed weren’t chock full of catty remarks and undertones of hostility and the underlying belief that the other person is an idiot if they don’t believe what you believe.

I just want there to be more kindness and understanding in a world so divided by various beliefs. I remember this one encounter in college. I was running to the grocery store to pick something up real quick as I was in a hurry (although that’s pretty much my general state of being). As I was walking down the pet food aisle I happened to notice an elderly woman contemplating a 5 gallon bin of kitty litter. I stopped and asked if she needed help getting the bin into her basket (and if you’ve never picked up a bin of kitty litter that size then let me tell you, they are frickin’ heavy!) She looked at me with the most beautiful smile on her face and thanked me for offering. I can’t quite explain why that smile is still burned into my memory or why it nearly makes me cry when I think of it, but it brought me so much joy to have made someone smile like that by just offering to help them lift something into their grocery basket. The world can’t change in a day, but you can do your part. Kindness and love take on many forms, so find one and try to show someone that humanity still exists in this world. Have a blessed day.