Work in Progress

So, I had been crocheting for awhile before our daughter was born and I wanted to do that whole hey-you-can-crochet-so-make-your-daughter-her-own-special-blanket thing…Well that didn’t quite pan out. I finished about 5 rows of the blanket and then I was way bored and way over it! I’m a little ADD sometimes, I guess. My pretty little baby blanket project went on the back burner after that. Eventually, I discovered these fabulous things called granny squares and I thought hey, I can do one square and then move on to another project, do another square, work on something else etc, etc. So, I am slowly but surely making granny squares, using this adorable pattern, that I will eventually crochet together into a blanket. Here’s my progress so far:

Pitiful, right? And what’s up with that top right one? Definitely not a square! I’ll make it work. Anywho, I figured if I post this, then I have an audience to help push me to finish this project. So, someday (soon I hope) I will finish this project up and my daughter will have her own special baby blanket.