Homemade Febreze

This stuff is great! I just made it and it works really well.

      Homemade Febreze

  • 1/8 cup fabric softener
  • 2 tbsp baking soda
  • hot water

Find a spray bottle you would like. I just used my old Febreze bottle. Using a funnel put in the baking soda first and then the fabric softener of your choice. Be sure to put the baking soda in first. I pulled a “Duh” move and did the fabric softener first and (big surprise) the baking soda got stuck. I made it work in the end. Anyway, after you’ve added the softener and baking soda then add the hot water and shake the bottle to mix in the baking soda really well. I tried it out and it smelled great! It’s definitely a lot cheaper than buying a bottle of Febreze.

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