20 Minutes A Day To A Cleaner Home

I certainly can’t say I’ve always been a very neat person. I would clean once I realized that I couldn’t actually see any of the surfaces in my apartment. Even that only occured every few months. After I married my husband (who I always thought was weirdly neat and tidy) he nearly drove me insane with his mantra: “A place for everything, everything in its place.” He said it made him feel like he couldn’t be at peace when things were in disorder; and I could have cared less! Now I understand where he’s coming from. I can’t explain to you how peaceful and refreshing it is to walk into a tidy, well-kempt home.

Now in order for me to keep a tidy home I needed to get organized. So, I created this schedule, Housework Schedule, which is a free printable for everyone. I was inspired to create this from a printable cleaning schedule I found here. (Time-Warp Wife has some really fabulous tips and I encourage everyone to go check out her blog). The following is a little more of a detailed look into my schedule:

Daily Upkeep: I wash the dishes, make our bed and pick up baby girls toys several times a day and put up anything we might have lying around. A place for everything, everything in it’s place!

Monday: I devote this day to bedrooms. I wash the sheets, dust and then vacuum the house. I also like to do a load of clothes this day.

Tuesday: Today is my bathroom day. If you have two or more bathrooms, you may want to space this out over a couple of different days. I like to scrub it from top to bottom weekly because getting off built up soap/hard water scum is a pain in the butt. (Comet bathroom cleaner is one of THE best things I’ve found to cut through hard water build up, by the bye)

Wednesday: I clean out anything that’s old in the fridge and organize my pantry (throw out expired cans, etc) and I clean out my microwave on a bi-weekly basis.

Thursday: I like to go ahead and vacuum the house again, mop the kitchen (I use diluted vinegar, it’s seriously the best floor cleaner! Other cleaners I’ve used always left my floors sticky), vacuum under the couch cushions, and dust the house.

Friday: I do another load of clothes, plus any ironing that needs to be done. I wash our towels on a bi-weekly basis (I’d prefer to do them weekly, but now we have to pay for each load of laundry since we moved into an apartment complex.)

Saturday and Sunday: I didn’t include them on the schedule, namely because my husband and I like to do a lot of different things over the weekend. Saturday can be a great catch-up day for anything you might not have been able to do during the week.

Monthly: I plan out our monthly grocery list and monthly meal plan (which I’ll cover in another post). Clean the oven out, wipe out the fridge, clean all our windows and windowsills, and wash our bedspread (I bought one light enough to be washed in a regular washing machine because it always irked me to have to pay for dry-cleaning)

Now, this is just what worked for me. If it works out well for you that’s great, but I made it editable so you can switch it around however you need it. It’s going to take a little longer once you first start this cleaning regimine, but once you get into the swing of things it makes your life so much easier. I used to think of cleaning the house as this awful all-day affair, but breaking it down room by room, day by day, keeps things from ever getting too out of hand. I have my schedule printed out and in a cheap frame, that way I can check tasks off with a dry-erase marker as I complete them.