52 Things I Love About You

My husband started his new job today and I wanted to do something sweet for him since he’s starting this whole new career. I made it about 3 weeks ago and I have been DYING waiting patiently to give it to him, which I finally did last night! This was a special project to me because it really forced me to think about the things that I love so much about my husband, which is something I think would be good for spouses to do more often. So here it is:

This was a labor of love done one night when I just couldn’t go to sleep. Basically I just got a deck of cards we never use and went to town! I got one of the jokers and measured and marked an inch from the top and bottom for my holes. Once I got the marks where they looked good, I punched the holes with an office hole puncher and used that joker as a template for the rest of the cards. Just make sure they are all turned in the direction you want! You don’t want to end with holes punched on each side like I accidentally did on one. Woops. Anyway, once you’ve got all the holes done, then you can start writing down everything you love about that special someone.

Let me tell you, the first 20-30 things were pretty easy, but then I had to start getting creative! I wrote everything down on regular printer paper that I had cut into strips that would fit onto the backs of the cards. You can, of course type them up on the computer, but I just wanted to hand-write mine to give it a little more of a personal touch (although it’s already quite personal to begin with) It’s just whichever way you prefer. Then I glued the paper onto the back of the cards with a glue stick. Once those had dried, I bound the little “book” together with ring binders that I found at Hobby Lobby. And voila! Now I have a sweet romantic present for my amazing husband.