Morphe x KathleenLights Palette Review


I’m here with another Morphe review, specifically for their new collaboration eye shadow palette with Youtube beauty icon KathleenLights. I’ve heard so many good things about the Morphe eyeshadow formula, so when I heard one of my favorite Youtubers was doing a collaboration with them I was stoked to try them out. I was even more stoked at the $14.99 price tag!


Unlike my last Morphe review, you can check it out here, I am here to give an ecstatic two thumbs up stamp of approval! I was thrilled to see that the eyeshadows which get so much hype from so many Youtube beauty channels actually do live up to their reputation. The metallic shades are buttery smooth and their matte shades blend out so smoothly. You can watch Kathleen’s video here where she talks about her palette and the reasons behind the colors she chose.


The eyeshadows actually have some pretty impressive longevity. I wore one look for 11 hours the other day and didn’t have a bit of creasing, fading, or smudging. What’s more impressive than the quality of these shadows is the price. I don’t know how they make their products so affordable, but you just keep doing what you’re doing Morphe team! The palette is currently sold out (it sold out in two days!) but I’ve heard that Kathleen is lobbying to get the Morphe team to bring it back one more time for another round since it sold out so quickly.


What really seemed to put Morphe on the market were their 35 color palettes, which retail for only $22.99. They also have a few smaller palettes including some new minis with 8 eyeshadows for $9.99. If you’ve never tried out their products, I highly recommend their eyeshadows and their brushes! They are absolutely fantastic and you just can’t beat the prices for the amount of product that you get. Hautelook is currently having a sale on Morphe with a lot of their 35 color palettes marked down to $15.00, among other things. So if you are interested in checking out the brand the sale goes on for four more days.


I recreated this tutorial from Jaclyn Hill and I love the way the colors work together! My only issue, which really doesn’t have anything to do with the eyeshadows, is that shimmer shades transfer up into my crease. I know it’s because I have hooded eyelids, but if you know of a solution to this I would love to know!


Row 1


Row 2


Row 3

I love all the shades in this palette! All of the matte colors, with the exception of the neutral cream color, are unique to my collection. I love that I get to play with some orange and burgundy transition colors especially since it’s the fall season when these colors are so trendy and stylish, but I’ll wear it all year long because who cares about “seasonally appropriate” makeup looks and colors. Makeup is just for fun anyway!

I love that there are a variety of transition shades ranging from warm to cool, which is one of the great things about this palette. It is definitely tipped towards the warmer spectrum of color, but the plum, purple and burgundy shades lend themselves very well towards a cool eye look if so desired. Even the greens are great for a cool look, though they work quite well for a warm eye. Another great staple is that this palette has a matte black, which I think is just as crucial as a matte vanilla/cream shade for just about any look.

Have any of you tried any Morphe products before? I’d love to know what your favorites are if you have! Have a wonderful week!



DIY Fall Board Tutorial


Fall is absolutely my favorite time of the year! I’m that cliche girl who loves bedecking my house in everything orange, rust red, and pumpkin shaped/scented/colored but oddly not spiced. I have a little Fall box in the attic with my few decorations and I decided I wanted to expand my collection as inexpensively as I could.


Being a crafty person means I usually have lots of extra materials lying around…as in lots of crap I have no idea what I’ll be using it for but I keep it anyway because I know that one day, one day, I will find the perfect project to go with that useless junk.


This project was really quick and easy and I happened to have everything on hand that I needed. If you’d like to make your own Fall board just follow along on my tutorial!



  • 1″ x 4″ wooden board, cut to 30″ long
  • Burlap
  • Letter stencils, 3-4″
  • Sponge brush
  • Chalk paint, red or orange
  • Wood stain (I used Minwax Early American)
  • Raffia
  • Faux flower
  • Twine
  • Hot glue gun
  1. Begin by staining the wood your desired color. Use the stain sparingly so the wood will dry more quickly. Set aside to dry, 2-3 hours.
  2. Cut four burlap 4″ squares of fabric. Lay stencils on the burlap and gently dab chalk paint being sure to point the sponge brush away from the edges so there is no bleeding and you get a crisp line. Lay aside to dry, 10-20 minutes.
  3. Once the wood is dry, drill two holes near the top two corners using a 1/8″ drill bit or purchase a saw tooth hanger and nail onto the back. String twine through the holes and tie a knot.
  4. Cut 6-8 longs pieces of raffia and tie around the wood, using the hot glue gun to secure the knot to the wood.
  5. Hot glue the faux flower over the center knot of the raffia.
  6. Arrange the letters on the board making sure the spacing is how you like it and then hot glue the corners down.
  7. Enjoy!


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Slap Ya Mama Fried Okra


Get ready to slap ya mama after you make up this delicious and easy fried okra! You won’t want to slap her, but you just don’t have a choice…it’s that dang good! Fried okra is one of my husband’s ultimate favorite foods, but I wouldn’t ever make it because of the hassle of frying food indoors in a saucepan. What with all the trouble of getting your oil to the right temperature and keeping it there the whole time, not to mention trying to clean up all the grease spatter afterwards. It’s enough to give a clean freak a serious eye twitch. Yes, my eye twitches like a crazy person in the cartoons when I get stressed out about something.


Enter the Fry Daddy. Backstory time: My parents put in a garden at their place and one of the things they planted were okra plants. Now I thought okra plants were maybe a foot tall and gave you very limited crops. Um, no. Not at all. Or else my dad is a genius horticulturist. Their plants are no joke at least 6 feet tall and they get a full crop every four days filling a 5 gallon bucket at least halfway up every time. So, naturally my parents have been generously sharing their abundant supply of okra with us.

While we were there my mom made us some fried okra to go with our dinner in her little Fry Daddy deep fryer. I was hooked. I have always wanted to buy a deep fryer but I never did take the plunge. After seeing that little guy in action though I hopped right over to Amazon and ordered my own! Tyler is thrilled and we now have fried okra on the menu pretty regularly. And to think I was only going to throw that okra in my gumbo!

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Slap Ya Mama Fried Okra
Prep Time 10 minutes
Prep Time 10 minutes
  1. Preheat oven to warm setting or to the lowest temperature your oven will go to. Prepare a cookie sheet with 3 to 4 sheets of paper towels.
  2. Begin heating the oil in your fryer. The amount used varies from model to model, but mine has a fill line to make it easier to measure.
  3. In a medium bowl toss heavy cream and sliced okra together and let soak for at least 10 minutes.
  4. In a gallon ziplock bag mix corn meal and Cajun seasoning together. Pour the saturated okra into the bag, seal, and shake it up making sure the okra is well coated.
  5. Add okra in small batches to the fryer. Cook for approximately 2-3 minutes, or until well browned. Drain on cookie sheet with paper towels and salt generously. Leave cooked okra in the oven to maintain freshness. It tastes like you just pulled it out of the fryer when you do this!
  6. Serve immediately.
Recipe Notes

If you have leftovers heating them up is a cinch! Turn your oven's broiler to high and heat fried okra in the microwave for 30 seconds, just to warm through. Spread okra evenly on a cookie sheet and broil for 5 minutes, checking constantly and turning to achieve even crunchiness. Voila! They taste just like you pulled them out of the fryer!

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I Opened An Etsy Shop!


I’ve been absent recently in the blogosphere, but it’s because I’ve been working so hard on getting everything ready to open up my Etsy shop. I am so excited to have brought it into the world! Crafting of any sort has always been an enjoying and relaxing pastime for me, so why not try and make some cash off of it, eh?


Fall is absolutely my favorite time of the year, so I thought I’d kick off the shop with some Fall inspired fabric pumpkins. I will add more items to the shop slowly but surely and I am so excited to be sharing some of my crafting. I hope you’ll check it out and now that I’m not so crazy busy with a shop opening, I’ll be able to post more regularly on my blog again!


Have a fantastic weekend everybody!


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